Fun, Fashion, and the 4th!


So my photographer returns from New Orleans after the Essence Festival, presented by Coca-Cola, with 40,000 pictures.  He proceeded to hand me 5 flash drives, and remarks, “Well, you wanted fashion.”…And boy did I get it!

With the beautiful and super functional city of New Orleans as the perfect backdrop for a musical festival which featured some of the worlds most sought after artist, we decided to focus on “the fashion of the masses” as we put it in our production meeting.

I intended to write about Kendrick Lamar, who closed out the weekend with a smashing performance.  Or maybe the ever effervescent Mary J. Blige, who keeps pumping out the hits and rocking shows out like she’s stuck in the 1990’s and we all just pass through her realm.  How bout the day parties and pop ups like McDonalds’ throwback skating ring? I could wax philosophically about the many great seminars that lift up the community by focusing discussion and partying with a purpose in mind.

But, nah! I’m gonna just post this link right here and let your eyes relive the awesomeness that was Essence Festival 2015! www.globalradiokkay.com.  Enjoy, oh and tell your eyes I said “Your Welcome!” Ciao!