Heart Call Ministry Airs on KKAY 1590 AM-Donaldsonville each and every Saturday Morning from 7:15AM-7:45AM. Start your weekend off with this powerful and Anointed Woman of God.
Evangelist Dr. Margaret Brown Lawrence is a Donaldsonville native now living in Baton Rouge. When you hear the program “Heart Call Ministries” you will know that the Evangelist has been chosen, called, and sent as a teacher of the Word of God. She is the director of a Bible Study Correspondence School that includes study of the “Life of Christ” and “Daniel and the Revelation”. Each of the courses finished earns a diploma for interested students of the Word. Her ministry spans over forty years of soul winning and revivals that encourage, counsel and equip those who want to grow and mature in Christ. While preparing others to know and share God’s Word, the Evangelist builds her faith on the study of the Word and preparation for the latter rain to fall upon the earth, as in the days of Pentecost. Therefore, her mission is to awaken the knowledge of Christ, while her vision is to prepare others for the second coming back to this earth of our Lord and Savior. She was educated at Christian Bible College with the doctorate of pastoral counseling. She can be reached at P. O. Box 82332 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70884-2332 and answers all correspondence at margeebl@yahoo.com