Tigers take on East St. John in seasons first dress rehersal…


The ball is snapped, the play developes, then…BOOM…both the crowd and sidelines go wild! That was pretty much the summation of the action Thrusday afternoon as Donaldsonville took to the field against the East St John High wildcats, in it’s first of 2 scrimmage games before opening the season. On a day plagued with spotty showers, a wet ball and soggy grass, defense’s for both teams seemed the proverbial “shoulder to lean on!” Floyd Foster Jr. and Percy Cargo Jr., were business as usual…making big hits, sure tackles and being the vocal¬†leaders that they are.
Offensively for the Tigers, you can see the potential…but if they are to aspire to better their last year’s 2nd round playoff exit, they will have some shoring up to do on the offensive line. A lack of time to throw the ball deep will certainly hurt this team, which clearly has the best WR core in the district…and possibly the state. And when you factor in that two of the three starting receivers, who stand 6’7 and 6’5, aren’t either the only receiver to have all-state honors…yeah…somebody better start blocking! Sophomore QB Tre Brown is an enigma…though the “light has come on” for him…it’s not shining it’s brightest as of yet…but once turns the “dimmer swithes” all the way up, this could definitely be a state title contender! Two offensive coordinators in two years doesn’t help; but a solid defense, a decent running game and trees that run sub 4.5 40’s…
Next up…St. James Wildcats on Aug 28 at Floyd Boutte Stadium at 5:30 p.m.